Bamboo Mirror
Bamboo Mirror

Bamboo Mirror

$65.00 USD

Made with bamboo steamer from one of the very last handcrafted bamboo steamer shop - Tuck Chong Sum Kee 德昌森记, located in Sai Ying Poon Hong Kong, the bamboo mirror brings together the beauty and wisdom of oriental craftsmanship, into everyday living.

The naturally formed bamboo cylinder is a perfect frame for a round mirror. Combined with leather strap and a hint of brass detail, a traditional kitchen utensil is transformed into a luxe and handsome wall hung mirror. It is a perfect accent piece - as both a functional and decorative addition to modern home.

Bamboo is a natural and sustainable material originated from South Asia, with a distinctly fast growing period.


Comes in two sizes. Large-30cm and small-23cm diameter.


*Other sizes may be available for special order.

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